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Tired Tree

 Tulip, young tulip, you stand there so strong, 
 held up by your own hard work and fear that you might fall. 
 I'd like to reach so high... and never think of coming back down.  

 Roses, sweet roses, what a pretty vase you're in. 
 You've heard the sweetest words, felt loved; still, you're withering. 
 What does that mean for me? Love ain't always easy. 

 I walk down dark streets at night. The sights and the sounds, they keep me up.  

Walk with me now. Watch time go backwards, somehow. 
Let yourself slide in. 
Walk forward now. Find yourself in places too spacious for words now. 
Walk with me now. Watch time go backwards, somehow. 
Look close enough and you'll find 
what's then is now. Only faces changing, with all the shades of sundown.
Vines, vibrant vines, your fingers stretch so far. 
Take in all the light you can. Cover it wall to wall. 
I'd like to feel to free...   and just go where I please.

Tired tree, oh tired tree, I wish you could make plain 
how life appears and fades back into which it sprang. 
I'd like to live so long... I guess I ain't got it so bad. 

December 2020

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